Dormitory “MEISEI”

Studying abroad is exciting, and a big opportunity to learn not only your specified subject but also the lifestyle of another culture. One of the more confusing matters for international students at NITAC is the dormitory.

Our student dormitory, “Meisei Ryo”, has a long history, thus we share rather strict rules so that all students can live collectively peacefully. The purpose of it is so that the students can focus on their study and share great memories together at NITAC. International students also are expected to follow the system. They may find that the dormitory style is very different than the one they are used to in their own countries. At first, it may be confusing, but there are peers, teachers, dormitory staff and international office staff to help them get adjusted.

The operation of the dormitory is mostly done by the student committee. We believe that the students will be responsible and also able to learn the matters of the real world when they take a control to make a comfortable space for everyone. Being a collective culture, we value to be aware of other people. Main ideas may be noted here, but you will learn more details as you start living in.

The dormitory rules are established for all ages of students. We have students between 15 to 22 years old, so it is essential to follow the rules to protect the young students regardless of your age.

i. No fighting, no smoking, no alcohol, no gambling.
ii. Do not invite your opposite sex friends into your room.
iii. All the shared rooms and space must be kept neat and clean.
Many international students choose to cook by themselves rather than buying a meal plan. They share a same kitchen. If not clean, it will invite mold, pests and food poisoning.
iv. All the students living in the dorm must take turns to clean the bathrooms/shower rooms.
v. When a student leaves their room for classes, they must lock the windows, the door, turn the lights off, remove all the plugs to save energy and keep the room clean.

The dormitory fee is shown below along with other expected fees.

1. Dormitory Fee: 1,000 JPY/month/person
2 Utilities: 20,000JPY/3 months/person
3. Meals
A. Dormitory cafeteria meal plans: 1,000JPY/day/person
B. Prepare self: Approximately 15,000JPY/month

4. Health Insurance (Mandatory, details noted later):1,800JPY/month

5. Sheets and bedding: 15,000JPY