DMM online English explanation session held

On April 7th, 2021, we held a DMM online English explanation session for our students. This service offers online English lessons, one-on-one. The students who sign up can take a 25 minute lesson everyday whenever they want. We have been encouraging our students to sign up for DMM online since the last school year.
This year, the service is for the entire year (May 2021-April 2022). The students can choose from two plans; 1. Standard plan, or 2. Native speaker instructors added plan.
The session started with Dr. Kobayashi, the director of International Office, explaining about the specific plans. Then, Dr. Fukui, the vice-director of International Office, and Mr. Kawabata shared their experiences with DMM. At last, the president of the school encouraged the students.
Soon, we will have a second explanation session. If you could not join us this time, come join us the next time!