The second DMM online English explanation session held

On April 12th, 2021, we held the second DMM online English explanation session, targeting our students and faculty. This service offers online English lessons, one-on-one. The ones who sign up can take a 25 minutes of one lesson everyday whenever they want. We have been encouraging this service since the last school year. This is our second explanation session.
At the session, Dr. Kobayashi, the director of the International Office, explained the specific plans of the service (This year, the service is for the entire year (May 2021-April 2022). The students can choose from two plans; 1. Standard plan, or 2. Native speaker instructor added plan). Moreover, Mr. Inoue, the 4th grade student, Ms. Tani, 5th grade chemistry major, Dr. Matsumoto and Dr. Tsuboi who all have taken DMM classes shared their experiences. At last, the president of the school encouraged the students.